The secrets of effective acceptance criteria, the magic of one piece flow and the findings of Nielsen Norman 2019 Best Intranets report.

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The power of positive impact

9 April 2019

Make more of your day

Here’s our latest selection of tools, tips and ideas for ways you can make a bigger impact every day.

Maximise value by mastering acceptance criteria

Acceptance criteria are the engine room of user stories. They spell out what’s needed for the story to be completed successfully. As a result, they drive the conversation that creates clarity and keeps the work focussed on what will deliver the most value.

Because acceptance criteria work so hard, it can be hard work to get them right. That may be why our introduction to acceptance criteria is our most popular post, and it’s certainly why we decided to put together a more detailed resource on the subject.

It’s a checklist you can use to make sure your acceptance criteria deliver valuable user stories — and a valuable product. It details the 13 features your acceptance criteria need if they’re going to be effective. To keep them top of mind, it wraps up these features in a mnemonic: INVEST in the 7Cs.

Get your Acceptance criteria checklist (PDF)

Choose your Agile training

Wanting to achieve more at work but not sure which of our training options is for you? Here’s a quick comparison.

Agile Professional Foundation

~ 2 days

~ $1700 excl GST

~ ICAgile and PMI certification 

Check dates and book the APF  →

Introduction to

~ 2 hours

~ No charge

~ No certification

Check dates and book the Intro  →

The magic of minimising work in progress — video demo

Following on from our case study on the benefits of reducing work in progress, here’s a video that demonstrates the theory in action.

The demo tests two ways of working. Is it faster to stuff 10 envelopes by first folding 10 pieces of paper, then stuffing these 10 into envelopes, then sealing them (mass production)? Or is it faster to fold, then stuff, then seal each envelope before moving onto the next (one piece flow)? Hint: One piece flow minimises work in progress. Many people find the result so counter-intuitive they think it’s a trick though.

Watch and see if you can work out why one piece flow is faster.

One piece flow vs. mass production video  →

Watch a video summary of the 2019 Best Intranets report   →

Best Intranets report highlights data aggregation

The Nielsen Norman 2019 Best Intranets report is out now.

The report highlights the benefits of data aggregation: “bringing app content out into the open on the intranet”. They give the example of engineering company Lamprell, who have “consolidated data from many different applications, linking to backend systems, and showing employees real-time data on the intranet”. As a result, they’re able to increase the productivity of their people.

You can check out a couple of case studies and get a very brief introduction to data aggregation here.

If you want to learn more, chat to James on +64 4 939 0062 or email

Creating aroha for Christchurch

In the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings, our friends at Creative NZ are putting the power of art to work to bring the country together and make it stronger.

“Turn to your creative skills. Take comfort from them. Share them if you think it would help others,” says Chief Executive Stephen Wainwright. “We invite you to share words, images, videos of your creative expression and related events using the hashtag #CreateAroha. We, in turn, will share them on our social media platforms.”

Delay to the government DNS changes

The changes to the government DNS system have been postponed until after Easter.

Update on the government DNS changes  →

Our next Agile Professional Foundation runs on 20–21 May
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