Agile in the age of coronavirus, connecting your team when you’re working apart, and Extreme Programming for product people.

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7 April 2010

COVID-19 updates and resources

Boost is still open, but we’re working from home so our studio is closed.

Our Agile training is on hold. We’re looking into online options, so let us know if you’d be interested in Agile training webinars. And please get in touch if you have any questions.

We hope all is well for you and yours.

In this issue:

We’ve pulled together COVID-19 resources for New Zealand and international:

  • government agencies
  • nonprofits
  • GLAMs
  • businesses
  • employers and staff.

Plus, if you have any spare headspace, there's a blog post on what Extreme Programming looks like for product people.

Combination of the Unite against COVID-19 logo and the Be kind banner from CC-by-4

An Agile approach to coping with COVID-19

The Agile mindset is never more important than in times of unprecedented change.

When you move into uncharted territory, there is nothing for it but to try new things, check if they work, then repeat.

If your team is stressed, stretched and stuck at home, focusing on individuals and interactions can help you stay well, stay together and stay strong.

For us at Boost, that meant coming up with a bunch of ways to connect the team while we're working from home.

Connecting your team when COVID-19 keeps you apart

As many of you are probably finding, working from home makes it much harder to maintain the connections that come naturally when you share a workspace. And these connections are crucial to keeping the team feeling good and working well.

With so many people unable to work at all, it’s a nice problem to have. To make the most of our good fortune, we’re sharing what we’ve been doing to keep the Boost team connected, and what we’ve learned so far.

Connecting your team during COVID-19

Screenshot from Ministers' media conference on COVID-19. Image from  CC-by-4.0

New Zealand-specific COVID-19 guidance


In case you somehow managed to miss it, this is the official government COVID-19 website.

Unite Against COVID-19

Employers and workers

The Employment New Zealand website includes guidance for employees, employers and businesses, and information on financial support.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the workplace  


Here’s the government’s central resource for business information on COVID-19.

Coronavirus information for businesses

New Zealand coat of arms. Version with more white space added to the coat of arms created by Sodacan / CC BY-SA (

Public sector COVID-19 resources

How to highlight COVID-19 announcements in Google search

The Google Webmaster Blog shows you a new way you can structure website announcements so they can be highlighted in Google Search.

Highlight COVID-19 announcements in Google Search

Remote working security advice

The National Cyber Security Centre’s guidance includes general advice on working remotely, cloud security and securing Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

Working from home and security

Zoom security advice

Here's the Government Chief Information Security Officer’s advice to public servants on security settings when using Zoom for government business.

Zoom security advice from the GCISO

Remote working guidance for agencies

The State Services Commision has put out guidance on remote working for the public sector.

COVID-19 Workforce Mobility Guidance for State Agencies

Web Standards clinics cancelled

The Department of Internal Affairs’ fortnightly Web Standards clinics have been cancelled until further notice. Here’s how the DIA will continue to help you with questions about web accessibility.

Web Standards clinics and support

Nonprofit COVID-19 resources

New Zealand not for profit resources

Get regular updates on how COVID-19 affects NZ charities.

NZ Not for Profit Resource

Nonprofit resource links 

Here’s an extensive collection of resources for and from nonprofits around the world.

Coronavirus & Nonprofits: Resources for responding to COVID-19

GLAM sector guidance on working from home

Digital Things is a newsletter for the cultural sector. This issue looks at how to keep working when your institution has had to close its doors.

Digital Things - working from home special edition

Business resources on COVID-19

COVID-19 rapid crisis response checklist

We’re using the Boston Consulting Group checklist to guide our response to COVID-19. It’s designed to give you a quick guide to ensuring health and safety, business strength and financial resilience. You can also find a range of other resources on the BCG website.

COVID-19 checklist

Sam Harris podcast on the new future of work

Sam Harris speaks with Matt Mullenweg about the evolution of distributed work. Matt founded Automattic, the company behind Automattic is entirely distributed—with 1,172 employees in 75 countries.

Making Sense Podcast #194 - The New Future of Work

Scaling Up Business Podcasts

A lot of Boost’s business planning and processes come from Scaling Up by Verne Harnish. Recent Scaling Up Business Podcasts focus on what COVID-19 means for businesses. They include:

  • 201: Daniel Ramsey — Setting up for Remote Work During a Health Crisis.
  • 200: Bill Gallagher — Big Moves for Crisis Leadership
  • 199: Verne Harnish — The 5Cs for Leading in a Crisis

Scaling Up Business Podcasts on Google podcasts

Discussing a software development project with two team members. The Extreme Programming customer is part of the project team.

Nothing to do with COVID-19

It’s not all COVID, all the time here at Boost. 

We just put out a blog post on Extreme Programming. If you’re XP-curious, and especially if you’re wondering what it looks like from a product manager’s perspective, here’s what an Agile framework that focuses on programming means for product people.

The Extreme Programming customer: A product leader's guide  →

Our next Agile Professional Foundation is set for 10–11 August unless postponed due to COVID-19
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