Podcast on getting back in the black, how to ensure your software projects succeed, new vacancies and more help with remote retrospectives.

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Boost. The power of positive impact

5 May 2020

Doing it better

This issue looks at ways you can do well by doing things better. It includes:

  • a podcast on how freedom at work got Boost back in the black
  • guidance on ensuring your software projects succeed
  • new opportunities for software engineers at Boost
  • an Agile training update
  • more tips on running remote retros.
Nathan Donaldson's photo with graphic saying listen now to Freedom at Work with Traci Fenton.

Podcast: How freedom at work got Boost back in the black

In this podcast, Boost CEO Nathan Donaldson talks to Traci Fenton about how a freedom-centred approach helped bring about a half-million dollar turnaround in the business.

Traci is the founder of WorldBlu and her Freedom at Work podcast shows leaders how they can use freedom at work and organisational democracy to achieve breakthrough results.

Nathan looks at practical ways we’ve done this at Boost, starting with the time we were staring at losses that threatened the business. Find out about the work we’ve done that led to us winning the Team Gold Award at the 2019 Wellington Gold Awards.

Listen to Nathan’s podcast

Team members discussing the Software project success checklist

Make sure your software project succeeds

Our Software project success checklist lets you assess how likely your next project is to succeed. But once you know your score, what can you do to maximise your odds? We’ve put together a blog post to help.

You’ll be able to download the checklist and gauge how well you follow 11 practices found to predict success. The blog post shows you how to fully implement the remaining practices and give your future software projects the best chance of success.

How to ensure your project succeeds

Agile training webinars — planning underway

With in-person training on hold, we’ve heard from a number of people wanting to do our Agile training via webinar. We've started work on this and we’ll keep you posted.

If you haven’t already, contact us if you're keen to do either the two-day Agile Professional Foundation or the two-hour Introduction to Agile as a webinar.

Boost software engineers discuss a project. Click to apply for a software engineer role at Boost.

Seeking software engineers who want to make a difference

Are you a software engineer with the soft skills to collaborate and create a positive and lasting impact for our clients and their customers?

We’re after web application developers who write beautiful and efficient code and care about quality and user experience. You’ll have at least three years experience in the industry and you’ll be driven to learn more every day.

So, if you want to enjoy an award-winning team culture and join a high-performing team...

Apply today

Remote retrospectives that engage

As well as Ruka’s blog post on How to run remote retros with Google forms, you can now find out about all the sessions from the AgileWelly meetup on remote retrospectives.

Ideas for Remote Retrospectives that Engage — InfoQ  →

Our next Agile Professional Foundation runs on 10–11 August unless postponed
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