Head Booster Nathan D hits the news; how to grow team engagement; using the new government website design system; securing training.

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4 June 2019

Make more of your day

Here’s the latest Boost news, plus tools, tips and ideas for ways you can make a bigger impact every day.

The happiness business

Keep your eyes peeled for the June issue of NZBusiness magazine. The cover story is a feature on Boost and Boost’s CEO Nathan Donaldson. It looks at Nathan’s drive to make Boost the happiest and most productive workplace in New Zealand. How does an explicit focus on team happiness create a more productive team culture? What do you need to put in place to get these benefits?

You can pick up your copy from the usual outlets like Whitcoulls or pop into Boost to grab a cuppa and one of ours.

And you can learn more about what we’ve done to create a happy, engaged and productive team — and how you can do the same — in this blog post:

Award-winning way to grow team engagement

Watch the interview on Facebook  →

Riding the wave at TechWeek

You can also catch up with Nathan in a wide-ranging chat with Simon Small. The interview was live-streamed as part of the TechWeek 2019 series on riding the next wave of innovation.

Watch the interview  →

Check out the course on YouTube  →

Two weeks till our last two-day Agile course

The last Agile Professional Foundation that we have planned for this year runs on 17–18 June.

With our plate full of client projects, we’ve had to hit pause on our two-day Agile course. We’ve still got a couple of seats available, so if you’re looking for effective Agile training from working (and possibly overworked) Agile coaches, book your place today.

You’ll get a solid grounding in the Agile mindset and then complete practical exercises that show you how to make the mindset work for you. You’ll come away with the tools you need to deliver more every day.

Learn more or book now

New design system for government websites

The team at Government Information Services have put together an alpha version of a design system for public sector websites. The design system gives agencies a catalogue of reusable components and patterns for building websites and applications.

Getting off-the-shelf building blocks makes it quicker and easier to develop sites, especially since accessibility and usability are baked into each element in the system.

Find out what’s been built so far, what’s being worked on, and how you can get involved:

Design system for NZ public sector websites  →

Our final Agile Professional Foundation runs on 17–18 June
Get the skills to deliver more value, faster.

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