How to get discounts on Agile training, supercharge your brainstorms, and visualise and manage risk.
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Click the image of developers working on the system whiteboard to read the case study on using Agile transparency to manage risk.

Spotting and dodging technical risks

When you work with interlinked systems, the more you know about the technical fragility of each system the better. This case study — the latest post in Boost supremo Nathan D’s risk management series — looks at a simple Agile way you can make technical risks clear and visible, making them easier to manage.

Risk transparency: Smells, Meteors & Upgrades Board case study

Fun at the National Digital Forum

Congratulations to the crew behind the NDF conference held at Te Papa last month. Everyone I’ve spoken too said they found it fun, informative and inspiring.

Don’t despair if you couldn’t make it though — the talks are already going up on the NDF YouTube channel.

We had lots of entries for our competition to caption this festive image from the Alexander Turnbull Library’s Manuscripts & Pictorial collection.

The Santa float in the James Smith Christmas parade, Wellington. The photograph shows Santa Claus sitting in a space rocket attended by young spacemen. Clowns are pulling the float, and boys are sitting on the fence watching. Beyond the float can be seen part of the crowd. Photographed by K E Niven Ltd between 1962 and 1968.

The winning caption was:

No wonder Santa has such a massive sack!

Well done Krista. We hope you enjoy your victory feast at Hippopotamus.

James and Rebecca in the Boost stand at NDF.

Discount reminder for the Agile Professional Foundation

If you’ve been to our free two-hour Introduction to Agile workshop, don’t forget you can get a 15% discount on our ICAgile-certified Agile Professional Foundation course. Just email if you’ve forgotten your promo code.

The Agile Professional Foundation is a two-day Agile immersion course. Training in a working Agile development studio, with coaches who run Agile projects every day, you’ll get to see how Agile works in the real world. Fun, interactive activities show you how to put Agile into action in your day-to-day work, empowering you to deliver more value, sooner.

Learn more or book the Agile Professional Foundation

Preview the course on YouTube

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More resources for more impact

We’ve updated our popular Resources page to include our brand spanking new product ownership resource. It’s a one-stop guide to making Scrum work for you, based on tips, tools and examples from working Product Owners.

Boost’s Guide to being a Kick-ass Product Owner

Click the photo of a Product Owner reading the Guide to get your copy.

Random walks — 5 simple tips for better brainstorms

This much-watched TED talk from researcher Marily Oppezzo shows how going for a walk before a brainstorm session makes you measurably more creative.

We’re thinking of making it a part of our brainstorming for things like project kick-offs and Google design sprints. Check out our popular guides to effective Project kick-offs and Google design sprints.

Want to be more creative? Go for a walkfive-minute TED talk from Marily Oppezzo

Click the photo of Marily Oppezzo presenting to view her TED talk.

Old News is good News

Check out the Boost News archive for all our past issues. You’ll get oodles of ideas and resources to help you deliver more each day. Plus, if you’re not a subscriber, you can sign yourself up.

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