Improving the Elevator Pitch, opportunities for NZ not-for-profits, interesting experiments in digital heritage and new Agile courses.

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Boost. The power of positive impact

3 December 2019

New opportunities

In this issue:

  • a new way to ensure your project delivers the impact you need
  • new opportunities for NZ not-for-profits
  • new training dates
  • new initiatives in the GLAM sector.
Sharing an Elevator Pitch. In an elevator. Click to view an Elevator Pitch template and guide.

Taking the Elevator Pitch to new heights

Starting your project by developing an Elevator Pitch gives your team a shared vision for your product. You sum up what sets it apart in the marketplace and distill that into a story you can tell in the time it takes to get to your floor.

With that in mind, we created a template and simple exercise you can run to create your own Elevator Pitch. Here’s the format we use:

For [target customers]
who are dissatisfied with [the current market alternative]
our product is a [new product category]
that provides [the product’s key problem-solving capability].
Unlike [the product alternative],
our product [describe what the product does, its key features].

Our purpose as a company is to help others have a positive lasting impact. And that got us thinking. Could we improve our template by adding a new element that nails down the impact the product will have? Maybe something like:

Our impact will be realised when [target metric, outcome or result to be achieved].

Check out our Elevator Pitch guide, and let us know whether you reckon this would be a useful addition.

Get your Elevator Pitch template and guide

The Digital Technology in the Not-for-Profit Sector report. Click to get your copy.

Increasing the impact of local not-for-profits

The 2019 Digital Technology in the Not-for-Profit Sector report gives charities the chance to benchmark themselves and get a steer for future initiatives.

Now in its fourth year, the report is put together by Infoxchange, Connecting Up and TechSoup New Zealand, and covers not-for-profits across Australia and New Zealand.

Pointing out that supporters increasingly want to see the impact of their investment, the report notes that while 66% of organisations say they capture valuable information about clients and services, only 37% use the system to understand their impact.

The biggest challenge — no surprise here — was coming up with the cash to invest in technology. If your charity is looking to get more bang from your technology buck by moving to Agile, check out our free Agile training opportunity. Note though that we’ve got a bit of waitlist at the moment. You might also be interested in our 3 money-saving tips for not-for-profits.

Digital Technology in the Not-for-Profit Sector report  →

Still from Boost's Agile training video. Click to watch on YouTube.

Check out our training on YouTube  →

February Agile training nearly full

When we add in the free seats we set aside for charities, our 24–25 February Agile Professional Foundation is nearly booked up. If February is the best month for you, get in quick, otherwise check out the dates for later courses. We just added a bunch of new sessions.

Learn more, check dates or book

Enjoying ice creams at the NDF conference courtesy of Boost.

Cat maps, fake shags & virtual toilets: digital heritage in 2019

Every day, the digital revolution creates new opportunities and challenges for galleries, libraries, archives and museums. How do you preserve, share and understand the world’s cultural heritage in an interconnected world of bits and bytes?

Earlier this month, James and Nick joined our awesome GLAM clients at the 2019 National Digital Forum conference. One of the common answers that came up was that you learn by doing. Here are a few of the many experiments we heard about:

  • virtual toilets
  • mapping Wellington’s cats
  • CD-playing robots
  • teaching machines to read handwriting
  • fake shags
  • vending machine libraries.

It was an inspiring conference, with a great vibe: collegial, creative and enthusiastic. Congratulations to everyone involved. Hope you enjoyed the ice creams.

Catch up with the NDF conversation on Twitter  →

Our next Agile Professional Foundation runs on 24–25 February
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