How reducing work in progress really works, how Wellington has evolved, how DNS changes affect NZ state agencies, and Howdy to Paul.

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The power of positive impact

26 March 2019


This issue is all about making changes for the better.

Learn how changing the amount of work you have on the go can power up your productivity, find out how Wellington has changed over the past 100 years and discover how to transform your career with Agile training. Plus, see what changes to the government DNS platform mean for state agencies and say bonjour to the latest Booster.

How to do more by doing less

The more work you take on at one time, and the more you bounce between different pieces of work, the less you get done. Putting it another way, the more you focus on completing work, the more work you’ll complete. You can learn more about the power of limiting work in progress in this post from Boost main man Nathan.

Unfortunately, many of us tend to have lots of work in progress at any one time. How often have you picked up a new task when you’ve already got a bunch of them on the go?

This case study shows what happened when the amount of work in progress built up on a project and how it was brought under control. It shows you practical ways how you can reduce WIP and ramp up your productivity.

Read the case study & start doing more

See the course in action on YouTube  →

Two-day Agile immersion course

Our Agile Professional Foundation course immerses you in the world of Agile, empowering you to deliver more the moment you get back to work.

This ICAgile-certified course lets you learn with coaches who run Agile projects every day. Based in our Agile development studio, you’ll get to see how Agile works in the real world.

Boost was the perfect setting to see Agile in action. — Jess Limbrick, Project and Partnerships Manager, Life Education

Learn more or book

Watch the Wellington then and now video  →

Watching Wellington evolve

As most of you will know, Boost is based in Wellington (the coolest little capital in the world, according to Lonely Planet).

Our friends at Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision recently put out this short video showing how the city has changed over the past century or so. It’s fascinating to see how it’s evolved, and how it’s stayed the same.

We get a real kick out of seeing this kind of thing because we loved the work we did with them to unlock the country’s audiovisual treasures.

Bienvenue Paul

We’re very pleased to introduce our new developer, Paul Mesnilgrente. Paul joins us all the way from Toulouse in southwest France.

He has a background in robotics, so don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by a ‘droid next time you visit.

NZ government DNS changes

Over the weekend of 6–7 April, the New Zealand government DNS platform will change, affecting any agency with a or domain.

For agencies, the main impact will be a freeze on any DNS changes starting at 6.00pm on Thursday 4 April. While the new system will be tested after the changeover, you may want to arrange your own testing of critical systems as well.

Learn more about the government DNS changes  →

Our next Agile Professional Foundation runs on 8–9 April
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