What to do before and after project Kick-off, make your brain work better, take your Agility to the next level and picking the World Cup.
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A team planning a project kick-off meeting around a table.

Beyond the Kick-off kit

If you’ve downloaded our Agile project kick-off kit, here are some guides to what you can do before and after your kick-off workshop to give your project the best chance of success.

If you don’t have the Kit yet, you can learn more and download it here.

Amplify your Agility with retros that rock

Retrospectives are a regular chance to check how you can improve your Agile practice. This makes them really powerful. Sometimes though the fact that they are regular counts against them. They can get repetitive and the team can lose interest.

Here are two guides to getting the most from your retrospectives, Sprint after Sprint:

A whiteboard with post-its for a Scrum retrospective.

Making your brain work better

Like to learn how you can exploit the way your brain works to be more creative and effective in your job and beyond?

This entertaining and informative talk from psychologist Shawn Achor is one of the most-viewed TED videos of all time. It turns on its head the idea that working hard makes us happy.

TED talk: The happy secret to better work

Handpicked resources to help you make a bigger impact

We’ve picked 18 of our most popular and practical resources, choosing those most likely to maximise your impact. These cover Agile and Scrum, software and web development, and ways you can build stronger teams.

Resources: 18 practical Agile, development and leadership guides

Man with laptop celebrates finding the resource he needs.

Tried and tested Agile training

One of the good things about running an ICAgile-certified course like the Agile Professional Foundation is that ICAgile gathers anonymous feedback to help us continually improve the training.

ICAgile also give us our Net Promoter Score. This tells us how likely people are to recommend the course, a really good measure of customer satisfaction. Currently it’s 9.4 out of 10 which suggests we’re doing something right. To keep ourselves honest we’re displaying this on our web page about the course.

The result of this ongoing improvement is a lively two-day course that uses real-world examples and engaging activities to demonstrate how being Agile can enhance your ability to make a difference at work.

Learn more or book the Agile Professional Foundation

Preview the course on YouTube

Click the image of Agile Coach Rebecca Jones to preview the course on YouTube.

Take your team’s Agile practice to the next level

If you’ve already made the move to Agile you’ll know the importance of regularly inspecting and adapting your work. One way you can do this is through our Agile Accelerator. This is an independent expert review and action plan that gives you clear steps to improve quickly and lock in gains.

“Boost’s input has been invaluable and helped us avoid, or at least deal with, many of the challenges we encountered during our transition to Agile.”
Des Kelly
Applications Analysis Manager, Victoria University

If you’d like to learn more about the Agile Accelerator, contact James on +64 4 939 0062 or james@boost.co.nz.

Team members at a Scrum Board in an office.

World Cup winners

Congratulations to World Cup winners France, and Yar who won the Boost sweepstake.

Yar was picking France even before the tournament started, a feat of prediction that outperformed dozens of pundits and multiple AIs. What made it more remarkable is that the teams for the sweepstake were drawn at random and Yar successfully pulled his team of choice out of the hat.

Boost World Cup sweepstake winner Yar celebrate's France's victory with his winnings.

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