Design for gain not pain, Boost in the media, Webstock in winter and the return of our Agile Professional Foundation course.

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Boost. The power of positive impact

16 July 2019

Designing for a positive impact

In this issue, check out the NZBusiness feature on Boost: how do you design your business and your culture to create a positive impact. Learn about an Agile design process that delivers more value by cutting the cost of change. Plus, look at what came out of this year’s Webstock conference and grab your chance to increase your impact with our two-day Agile training — back by popular demand.

NZBusiness magazine on what makes Boost different

NZBusiness Magazine recently interviewed Boost CEO Nathan Donaldson about his drive to create the happiest workplace in New Zealand. Check out the article to learn about Boost’s journey and find out how having a purpose-led culture and a freedom-centred workplace can increase the impact of your own organisation.

Read the NZBusiness arcticle

50 Shades of Grey goes Agile

At Boost, our Agile design process has picked up the nickname 50 Shades of Grey. Ironically, it’s about avoiding bondage. That’s because the process is designed to help you escape the pain of being tied to a plan. It saves time and money, and delivers products your customers will love, by cutting the cost of change.

Find out how the 50 Shades of Grey design process can give you more gain for less pain.

Agile design for gain not pain  →

Preview the course on YouTube  →

Agile training back by popular demand

As many of you know, we had so much client work on our plates that we hit pause on our Agile Professional Foundation course (while continuing our free, two-hour Introduction to Agile).

Well, in response to request after request, we’ve decided to bring back the APF. We won’t be able to run it monthly as before — it’s more likely to be quarterly. So that means you’ll need to get in quick. The next course is on 21–22 October and it’s already booking up.

A quick refresher: The APF is a two-day comprehensive introduction to the world of Agile in a fun, interactive workshop setting. Offering both ICAgile and Project Management Institute certification, it’s a practical pathway to increasing your impact at work.

Learn more or book now

What we learned at Webstock

I was lucky enough to attend the Webstock Winter Edition at the end of June.

There seemed to be a recurring theme at the conference. Many of the speakers argued that those of us who are creating digital technologies have a responsibility to ensure we make a positive impact. A number of the pressos looked at the ethics, values and cultures that make this possible.

For me this was heartening, because it suggested that Boost is already heading in the right direction. That’s because our explicit purpose at Boost is: Supporting others to create a positive and lasting impact

You can learn more in our blog post on defining your organisation’s business purpose. It looks at the benefits you get from defining your purpose, how to discover what your purpose is, and how to embed and achieve it.

How to define your business purpose — and why you should  →

Our next Agile Professional Foundation runs on 21–22 October
Get the skills to deliver more value, faster.

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