Learn the secrets to delivering successful projects with Agile, get our top 3 resources for 2018 and review the new web standards.
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Using a scrum board to manage risk through Agile transparency. Click to get your guide to Agile risk management.

Successful projects through Agile risk management

Research shows that traditional project risk management is failing.

In New Zealand, KPMG’s Project Management Survey found that about two-thirds of New Zealand projects fail, with only 21% delivering on benefits. Internationally, the 2018 Standish Group report found that only one-third of software projects were successful.

Importantly, the Standish report revealed that Agile projects enjoy a 60% greater chance of success than non-Agile projects.

This makes Nathan Donaldson’s blog post series on managing project risk with Agile extremely timely. In it, the Boost CEO shared the secrets to reducing risk and delivering successful projects with Agile.

We’ve now summarised and collected these posts. You’ll get case studies showing Agile risk management techniques in action and evaluation checklists so you can assess how well you currently use these techniques.

Get your free online guide to Project risk management with Agile.

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Most popular resources of 2018

We’ve crunched the numbers and here are the top three resources we put out in 2018.

1. Product Owner guide

Between the blog posts and the expanded PDF ebook based on them, our Product Owner guide had more than 10,000 views last year.

The guide shows you how to make the world a better place by making a success of the Product Owner role, using tools and tips from working Product Owners.

Boost’s Guide to being a Kick-ass Product Owner

2. Business purpose post

This blog post looked at the benefits you get from defining your business purpose, how to discover what your purpose is, and how to achieve it.

Your business purpose is a compass for your team. It clearly communicates the direction you want to go, keeps everyone on the same course, and it guides you on the journey.

Your business purpose: How to discover your organisation’s compass

3. Agile project risk management series

Even though Nathan only started this series in October, it’s already proved one of our most popular resources.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve pulled the posts together into a combined online guide to Agile risk management.

Project risk management with Agile

Agile training that works

We often hear from people whose initial experiences of Agile are off-putting. For some it’s all theory, for others it’s just a bunch of new job titles and meetings. And sometimes it just seems like an excuse to plaster post-it notes across every flat surface.

The Agile Professional Foundation shows you both how Agile works, and how to make it work for you. You’ll learn about the Agile mindset, giving you the grounding you need to apply Agile in your own specific setting. Completing Agile exercises using real-world Agile artifacts shows you how Agile operates in practice. By putting Agile into action, you’ll be able to step up the impact you have every day.

“A fantastic course – really resurrected Agile for me, after a shaky introduction a year ago. Very engaging and provided me with tools immediately applicable to my work.”

Learn more or book the Agile Professional Foundation

Preview the course on YouTube

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Give feedback on the new government web standards

The New Zealand government web standards are being revised to incorporate WCAG 2.1, and the call is out for feedback on the proposed changes.

WCAG 2.1 particularly focuses on helping people using:

  • mobile and touch-based devices
  • voice assistant and speech recognition software

and people with:

  • low vision
  • reading, learning or intellectual disabilities.

The deadline for feedback is 5pm on Thursday 31 January.

Learn more and give your feedback

Click the photo of a woman wearing glasses using a smartphone to give feedback on the new standards. Photo by Bianca Castillo on Unsplash.

Boost News archive: tons of tips for working better

The Boost News archive includes every issue going back to 2015. It’s full of ideas for better ways to work and you can sign up if you’re not already a subscriber,

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