Why we need food detectives, where Facebook took “move fast and break things”, when smaller is better, and how to multiply your impact.
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Click the Food Analyser screenshot to learn about being a food detective with Life Education.

How to be a food detective

The Life Education Trust works to build a strong New Zealand by teaching Kiwi kids how to make healthy choices. To help kids become super-smart food sleuths we’ve been working with the Trust to create an interactive online food analyser.

Healthy Harold the giraffe leads kids through food detective training modules, a food analyser for comparing nutrition values, and a detective challenge so they can check their sleuthing skills.

Designed and developed in time for their national conference, the new tool proved to be quite a hit.

“The educators were completely over the moon,” said Jess Limbrick, the Trust’s Project and Partnerships Manager.

Get detecting with Healthy Harold’s food analyser

Learn more about our work with Life Education.

The force multiplier effect in Agile

One thing we’ve found with our Agile Professional Foundation course is that teams get the most benefit when they train together.

It gives you a shared understanding, helps develop critical mass, makes it easier to bounce ideas off each other and builds mutual support. The excitement and inspiration you get from the course carries on when you get back to work. You become a tighter team, more able to make an impact.

It doesn’t have to be a whole team, either. Even coming along with one other colleague helps deliver the force multiplier effect.

What is Agile Professional Foundation?

The APF is a two-day comprehensive introduction to the world of Agile values, principles and practices in an interactive workshop setting. Offering both ICAgile and Project Management Institute certification, it’s a practical pathway to increasing what you can achieve at work.

Learn more or book the Agile Professional Foundation

Preview the course on YouTube

Click the photo of a team playing the paper planes game to view a preview of the Agile training on YouTube.

When bigger is not better

Are you struggling to do more with less? Reducing your batch size is an effective way to deliver faster, cheaper and better.

What is batch size? A batch is a chunk of work that you move as a unit from one stage to the next. This blog post shows how smaller batches deliver big gains.

How reducing your batch size is proven to radically reduce your costs

Click the photo of a row of Buddha statues gradually getting smaller to learn the benefits of reducing batch size.

Project inception — the dream is real

Inception is defined as “the starting point of an institution or activity”. An Agile project inception workshop does the groundwork necessary to get a project underway. It establishes the team, clarifies the vision, and starts the discovery work that will define the Minimum Viable Product.

Unlike the shifting realities in the movie Inception, an effective Agile inception workshop creates the solid foundation and shared understanding needed to set up a project for success.

Like the movie though, the dream is real. Our Project kick-off kit gives you the agenda and step-by-step instructions you need to make this possible.

Download the Agile inception workshop kick-off kit

To get your Kit, click the cropped photo of the Inception poster. Photo by https://www.flickr.com/photos/mickeyman/ (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Two common mistakes made by Agile teams

This post from the Product Coalition product management community looks at how Facebook moved beyond their “move fast and break things” mantra and why Agile won’t move you forward if you don’t look back.

Agile Gone Wrong

Click the photo of a turtle on a beach to view the Agile Gone Wrong blog post. Image CC0 via JOOINN.

National Digital Forum programme out now

The NDF conference is where the cultural heritage sector comes together to discuss things digital.

  • Where: Te Papa, Wellington
  • When: 19 November — pre-conference workshops; 20 & 21 November — full conference
  • What: NDF 2018 programme

Value from the vaults

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