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13 August 2019

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Employee-ownership and beyond — Boost 2026

Boost 2026 is our roadmap for the company’s future. It’s our way of making sure that, in the years ahead, we’re able to continue helping others have a lasting positive impact.

Developed together as a team, it sets out six goals we’ll be working towards as a company. With goals including things like employee-ownership and having 50% female team members, it’ll result in a distinctly new-look Boost. 

But these changes are actually driven by a desire to keep the company the same. They’re all about locking in our unique values and culture. They’ll ensure we’ll be able to continue to achieve Boost’s overall goal: Supporting others to create a positive and lasting impact.


Learn about the changes ahead for Boost

Finding ideal team players

This year, we’ve been embedding Patrick Lencioni’s Ideal Team Player model into our recruitment. It’s based on a simple idea. If you want a great team, employ great team players. Agile’s focus on individuals and interactions makes this all the more important.

For us, this means looking beyond competency and technical skills, and hunting out people who will complement the team we have. We’re after people who share the traits that we see as being crucial to our success. 

We delved into Lencioni’s book The Ideal Team Player because we’ve gained great value from his previous books, such as The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

If you’re interested in learning more, Lencioni’s website features a range of free tools and resources to help you spot and grow ideal team players:

How you can develop ideal team players  →

New players on the team

We’d like to welcome the latest players on Team Boost.

Mette Harker

Boost now has its very own Danish designer. Mette is with us part time until she completes the honours year of her Visual Communication Design degree. She loves solving problems creatively, whether it’s coming up with solutions for clients or customising her latest op shop find.

Clarisa Ambal

Clarisa is the latest addition to the Boost team based in Manila. Our new finance manager, she joins us from global accounting giant PWC. Clarisa's favourite author is Paulo Coelho and her favourite fruit is ... anything but kiwi — she’s allergic to New Zealand’s fuzzy little horticultural talisman.

Agile course amps up your career impact

Our Agile training is a key way we achieve our purpose. Helping teams consistently deliver value increases the impact they can have in their work.

That’s why we’re doing what we can to continue to offer training alongside our client projects.

Our next Agile Professional foundation course runs on 21–22 October. 

The APF is a two-day practical course offering certification with the Project Management Institute and ICAgile. It’s run here at Boost, so you get to see an Agile studio in action, and check out the tools we use in our day-to-day projects.

Learn more or book now

A gentle introduction to Agile: The Kick-off kit

We just had some great feedback on our Agile Project Kick-off Kit. 

For those of you who haven’t come across it yet, the Kit gives you the tools and guidance you need to run a one-day Agile workshop. This workshop will take your project from initial vision to initiating development. 

Turns out that the Kit offers more than that though.

Part of the feedback was that it also provides a gentle introduction to Agile for organisations that have yet to fully make the transition. Or, indeed, started to make the transition. 

So whether you’re looking to start a project, or to start dipping your toes into the world of Agile, the Kit may be the tool you’re looking for.

Get your Agile Project Kick-off Kit (PDF)  →

Our next Agile Professional Foundation runs on 21–22 October
Get the skills to deliver more value, faster.

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