Meet the newest Booster, make your data work harder, avoid Valentine’s Day disasters and build your career.
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Make ALL your information easy to find

When your organisation’s data is spread across a number of different systems, it makes it much harder for people to find what they need. Whether they’re internal users or external customers, nobody likes having to trawl through multiple applications to track down that crucial piece of information.

So, to help organisations make their data work harder, we’ve created a solution that lets you share multiple databases through a single simple search.

How a custom data aggregation solution could work for you


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Expanding our international expertise

Jonathan Martinez has joined Darren in our team based in Manila.

Jon loves cycling, playing music and experimenting with exotic food, though not necessarily all at the same time.

Like Darren, he’s a frontend development wizard and will be helping us deliver pixel-perfect renderings of the concepts our designers come up with.

Maligayang pagdating Jon!

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Calling all developers who can make a difference

We have a vacancy here at Boost HQ in Wellington. We don’t have hierarchical titles like senior, intermediate or junior developer at Boost. Instead, we mark stages in the development of your technical and team skills, from Apprentice through Journeyman to Master. We’re looking for a Journeyman or Master, someone who not only excels in their own work, but can support or mentor colleagues.

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Valentine’s Day the Agile way

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching (according to my informants, it’s on Thursday 14 February), those amongst us who are looking for the perfect gift can start to feel the pressure.

That’s where the MVP comes in: Minimum Viable Present. If you make sure you’ve got a working gift ready, you can keep iterating towards the perfect celebration, without the risk of ending up empty-handed if your grand plans come to naught.

To get you into the mood, here are some words of wisdom from poet, philosopher and Simpsons creator Matt Groening:

“Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.”

And, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favourite Product Owner, may we humbly suggest Boost’s Guide to being a Kick-Ass Product Owner. What could be more romantic than a comprehensive guide to building successful products in Scrum?

How to succeed as a Scrum Product Owner

A couple spending a romantic evening reading Boost's Guide to being a Kick-ass Product Owner.

Build your Agile career on a solid foundation

To successfully work in an Agile way, you need to adopt the Agile mindset; you have to understand and apply the principles and values of Agile.

Our two-day Agile Professional Foundation course starts with Agile mindset and then runs through exercises using real-world Agile artifacts to show you how you can put it into practice in your own work.

Engaging, thorough and thought-provoking, this ICAgile-certified course gives you the solid grounding you need to get the Agile edge.

“I now have a sound knowledge of Agile values and principles along with key Agile tools to make it happen within my team.”
Ben Witheford

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