Video on how to help people in the way that makes you happiest; Dr. Agile’s advice; a surprise visitor to Boost; tool for managing risk.

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Boost. The power of positive impact

10 September 2019

How can we help?

Read on for advice from Dr. Agile, a video on how to help people in the way that makes you happiest, an interesting visitor to Boost HQ and a tool to help you manage risk.

Two Boosters working at a team board to increase transparency and reduce risk.

How well are you managing risk?

Nobody wants to run a project that fails, but so many do. In fact, in New Zealand, KPMG found that about two thirds of projects fall over.

Help is at hand. Boost’s CEO Nathan D has created a set of checklists that let you assess how well you’re managing risk on your software projects.

The checklists identify key Agile practices that reduce the risk your project will fail. They’ll show you how to make sure you deliver the benefits and quality your customers expect, within the time and budget you have available.

We’re sharing this resource with you fine folks first, and would love any feedback. Email to let us know what works for you, and what doesn’t.

Checklist to help you reduce project risk (PDF)

Graphic showing that Agile is a mindset described by 4 values defined by 12 principles and manifested through an unlimited number of practices. Slide by Ahmed Sidky

Successful Agile training starts with the Agile mindset — Dr. Agile

Dr. Agile is Ahmed Sidky, the President of ICAgile. As he often points out, Agile starts with the Agile mindset. 

That’s why our ICAgile-certified Agile Professional Foundation focuses on helping you develop an Agile mindset, as much as on teaching you practical Agile techniques.

The two-day course gives you a comprehensive introduction to the values and principles that embody the Agile mindset. Then you get to run through fun, practical exercises that show Agile in action.

This helps you embed the Agile mindset, and put the techniques into practice, the moment you get back to work.

Boost provided excellent support, helping our team develop an Agile mindset...the business is seeing tangible results.”

Jake Porterhouse, ex-NZ Post

Learn more or book now

The Mayor of Wellington Justin Lester talks to Nathan and James at Boost HQ.

Mayor pops in for a visit

Intrigued by what he learnt about Boost at the Wellington Gold awards, Mayor Justin Lester dropped in to find out what makes us tick.

He quizzed us about our history, our plans, our unusual ways of working and why team happiness is crucial to our success. 

We’re always happy to share what we’ve learnt. Initiatives like focusing on happiness and empowering the team have helped us help others have a lasting positive impact. They’ve also been good for our bottom line. So we figure that the more people that adopt these kinds of initiatives, the better. 

Email if you’d like to pop in to learn more.

Our new ways of working and how they help  →

Still from Elizabeth Dunn's TED talk on how helping others makes us happy. Click to view.

New TED talk on boosting happiness by helping others

Elizabeth Dunn’s recent TED talk shares her research on how helping people makes us happier.

Enlightening and inspiring, her talk shows that being able to see the impact our help is having causes the biggest boost to our happiness.

Helping others makes us happier — but it matters how  →

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