Successfully launching software development projects: guidance on preparation, scheduling and resourcing.

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Boost. The power of positive impact

1 October 2019

Start your project readiness planning today

If you have a software development project on the horizon, you can maximise your chance of success by starting project readiness planning today.

We have only limited capacity to take on new clients and only take on work that will help us deliver our business purpose: Supporting others to create a positive and lasting impact.

Check out the kind of work we take on. If it sounds like you, contact us today. If it sounds like someone you know, flick them this email. Let’s get those projects — and the positive impacts they’ll produce — locked into the groove.

Clients doing project readiness planning with Boost.

The kind of work we take on

Boost’s ideal development clients are:

Is your organisation working to make the world a better place?

Flexible and pragmatic: 
Are you focused on outcomes and flexible on features? Are you happy to work in an Agile way?

Do you want to build an ongoing partnership that maximises the value we deliver together?

Venn diagram showing that Boost's ideal client is relationship-focused, purpose-driven and pragmatic & flexible.

Boost’s ideal development projects are:

Do you have a vision of the positive impact your project will have?

Dedicated Product Owner: 
Will your project have a Product Owner with the time and authority to be responsive and decisive?

Complex problem: 
Does your project address a complex problem and require an innovative solution?

Venn diagram showing that Boost's ideal project has a dedicated Product Owner, is impacts-focused and addresses a complex problem.

Next step: project readiness planning

If this is you, contact us now. We can help you:

  • schedule your project
  • lock in the resource you need
  • discover how you’ll turn your planned impact into actions
  • align your business behind the project.

You may be eligible for our free discovery workshops. These range from two-hour sessions to the comprehensive one-day project kick-off workshops that we detail in our popular Kick-off kit.

Contact James on +64 4 939 0062 or to check if you're eligible for a discovery workshop and get planning underway.

Email James today

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Boost Level 5, 57-59 Courtenay Place

Te Aro Wellington 6011 New Zealand   |   |    +64 4 939 0062



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