Find out how to leverage what you learn with an Agile review, a case study on adapting to change, and lessons from kitchen catastrophes.
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In this issue of Boost News we’ll show you how to leverage what you learn in order to maximise your impact. Find out how to push your Agile practice to the next level, get a case study showing how adapting to change helped a digital archive revolutionise research in New Zealand, and learn what happens when things get out of control in the kitchen.

Take your Agile practice to the next level

Have you made the move to Agile but still see opportunities for improvement? Maybe your teams are unsure about their roles, not delivering regularly, or feeling stressed and under pressure.

From the inside it’s hard to tell what’s working and what’s not. When you’re new to Agile you don’t have the experience to identify what’s holding you back.

Don’t feel bad, it’s a common experience. After hearing similar stories from lots of different teams, we’ve decided to offer an Agile review service.

We’re keeping it tightly focused and pragmatic. We’ll spend two days on site observing your teams in action. After we’ve analysed what we’ve seen you’ll get an action plan detailing how you can make the three improvements that will offer you the biggest benefits. So you can track your progress, you’ll also get an overall Agility score and a rating against each of the Agile Principles.

Note that because these assessments take our Agile coaches away from their work on client development projects, we can only offer a limited number and may not be able to accommodate all requests.

If you want learn more you can talk to James on +64 4 939 0062 or, or get more details here:

Agile Accelerator assessment and action plan

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Limited seats left for the Agile Professional Foundation

With October booked out, there are only two more Agile Professional Foundation sessions you can book this year, November 19–20 and December 10–11. So book early if you want to secure a seat.

Why the demand? Apart from the fact that people have fun on the course, its popularity largely stems from how practical it is.

You’ll learn from Agile professionals with a wealth of real-world experience to draw on. You’ll complete practical exercises using real Agile tools. And you’ll end up with an understanding of the Agile mindset that lets you put what you’ve learned into action the moment you get back to work.

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Papers Past revolutionises research

By creating an easy-to-search digital archive of historical newspapers and other records, Papers Past revolutionised historical research in New Zealand.

It’s a great example of the way that keeping tabs on how your customers use your digital platforms — and reacting to changes — can help you achieve strategic goals, and make a difference to people’s lives while you’re at it. There are interesting insights there for other organisations so we’ve put together a case study tracking the story from early experiments to exciting next steps.

Papers Past digital archive shows the power of adapting to change

Are you looking to have this kind of positive and lasting impact? Contact James on +64 4 939 0062 or to find out how we can help.

Click the photo of a researcher in a library using the Papers Past digital archive to learn how it has revolutionised research in NZ.

Fun fact Mondays

Each Monday a question goes out on Slack, our internal comms tool, asking everyone at Boost to share a fun fact. What’s the dumbest thing we’ve ever done, biggest kitchen fails, first celebrity crushes, that kind of thing.

It’s an entertaining way to get to know each other a bit better, especially with a team scattered across three countries.

The answers are revealing. People happily shared their first celebrity crushes, and interestingly, these were mainly scientists, writers and advocates for social change. Nah, I’m kidding, they were all stars of cheesy TV shows.

When asked what our biggest kitchen fails were, most of us had either set things on fire (cakes, towels, kitchens), blown things up, or managed to do both at once.

Sadly, I can’t reveal the dumbest thing any of us has ever done. At least, not until the statute of limitations runs out.

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