Learn how Lego led our strategy session, how The Spinoff recommends you find cool Kiwi content, and how Google came to conquer the world.
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Using DigitalNZ to find cool Kiwi content.

The Spinoff on using DigitalNZ to find cool Kiwi content

Check out this video from Jose Barbosa of The Spinoff to learn how you can use DigitalNZ to find cool pieces of Kiwi culture online.

The Spinoff presents: DigitalNZ, the easiest way to discover NZ digital goods — YouTube

DigitalNZ pulls together over 30 million items from more than 200 sources. These range from videos, photos, artworks and maps to interviews, news stories and more.

It’s a gold mine for all Kiwis: digital content creators like Jose, designers looking for local imagery, school kids doing a project or researchers hunting for historical resources or family history records.

DigitalNZ & the National Library — making multiple Product Owners work

DigitalNZ is part of New Zealand’s National Library. Together they are charged with helping Kiwis capitalise on the collective knowledge of the nation.

It’s a big task and one of the ways they tackle it successfully is to have more than one Product Owner on each Scrum team. That’s despite the fact that the Scrum Guide specifies a single Product Owner.

Is this something you’ve thought about trying? It’s not easy, so we’ve put together a case study showing how the Library achieve it.

Making multiple Product Owners work in Scrum

New developer revels in GLAM opportunities

With a background in the cultural heritage sector, our newest developer Katherine Nagels was attracted to Boost by the work we do for GLAM clients like the National Library, Ngā Taonga and the Ministry for Culture and Heritage (GLAM is short for galleries, libraries, archives and museums)

A confessed film and music geek, Katherine is currently learning Italian, the better to appreciate Italian cinema.

Benvenuto Katherine!

Katherine Nagels

Actionable Agile training

Agile Professional Foundation is a two-day ICAgile-certified course that sets you up to achieve more the moment you get back to work, no matter what work you do.

You’ll get a comprehensive introduction to Agile values, principles and practices. Completing practical exercises using real Agile tools sets you up to put your Agile skills into action straight away.

Check dates or book the Agile Professional Foundation.

The Lego strategy

Our recent team-wide strategy session focussed on achieving Boost’s purpose as a business:

Supporting others to create a positive and lasting impact.

We started by playing with Lego. Everyone on the team got a bucket of random parts for Lego figures. We each created a minifig that represented what we bring to the team.


  1. It’s Lego!
  2. It helped the team think about the ways they contribute to our purpose.

We’ve found having an explicit purpose is a powerful way of guiding and inspiring the team.

How finding your purpose helps you get where you want to be

Click the photo of Boost team Lego minifigs to learn how finding your purpose helps you get where you want to be.

Happy birthday Google — 20 world-shaking years

Google turned 20 this month. The Verge have documented Google’s fascinating journey from the little search engine that could to a global behemoth shaping how we experience the world.

Google turns 20: how an internet search engine reshaped the world

Browse back issues for better ways to work

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Boost News: Tools to help you make a difference

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