8 secrets of success, Elevator Pitch guide and template, Archives’ digital transformation and the Wellington Gold Awards.

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18 June 2019

Stepping towards success

You achieve success one step at a time. This issue looks at a stepwise approach to digital transformation, the 8 secrets of success and how to set up a project by creating an Elevator Pitch. Plus, find out about the recognition we’ve received recently for our successes in making Boost a great place to work.

Tackling digital transformation one step at a time

Archives New Zealand looks after government information — more than seven million official records, from 19th century treaties to 21st century data — with the aim of making the information easy for Kiwis to access and use.

To achieve this aim, the information needs to be easy to access digitally. Archives research showed this wasn’t the case, though. The general public didn’t know what information Archives holds or the services it offers. Government information managers struggled to find the guidance they needed. And genealogists and other researchers couldn’t easily find what they were looking for.

So Archives needed a new way of working, a digital transformation. Knowing that an undertaking like that needs an Agile approach, they’re tackling it one step at a time.

The first step is a ground-up rebuild of their website. Designed as a one-stop shop for interacting with Archives, the site needed to be up-to-date and accessible anywhere, anytime, by anyone regardless of the devices they may use or any disabilities they may have.

The site is now live. By making it easier to find government information, it’s making it easier for us to grow and thrive as a nation. So at Boost we’re really proud to have built the new site, and created the foundations for Archives’ digital transformation.

View the new Archives site

Celebrating success

In other exciting news, the team at Boost is a finalist for The Wellington Gold Awards. We’re up for the Team Gold award, which recognises investment in people, HR and wellness programmes. It’s awesome that our efforts to create the happiest workplace in New Zealand are getting acknowledged.

2019 Wellington Gold Awards  →

Summing up a successful product

One of the first steps towards building a successful product is being able to sum up what sets it apart in the marketplace.

That’s where the elevator pitch comes in. To help you distill your vision for a product into a story you can tell in the time it takes to get to your floor, here’s a simple exercise your team can run to create an elevator pitch.

Elevator pitch activity guide and template

8 steps to success

Why do some people succeed? Richard St. John has pulled together years of research into one 3-minute presentation. His talk has certainly been a success, racking up 13 million views so far.


8 Secrets of Success — TEDtalk  →

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